About Us
Justin Mayer Group Inc. is a private holding corporation, it was created to hold property, other companies and to provide flexibility to and facilitate the process of business creation. 0-10 employees. Justin Mayer Group Inc. has 0-10 employees and is currently operating in numerous industries.

Our Team

Founder. Over 20 years of experience. 2 Time Golf MVP, All Ontario Team, Basketball MVP and AllStar, BCIMA Nominee, Prime-Time Television Placements, Saved over $3.5 Million in one single negotiation, and more

Our Experience

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Proprietary Products, Services, Methods, Processes
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Why You Should Join Us

Some of the qualities you can define us by

Guiding Principles


"to diversify risk, to better organize and manage business and people and to improve human life and the Planet Earth through higher elevated words, ideas and actions."


"to be a global leader in providing excellent solutions, products and services, in various sectors, while focusing on elevating the species and Earth through advanced and higher learning, teaching, implementing and doing."

We are a very driven and focused team

We love what we do


You probably don't like arrogance and crap talkers who never back it up. Find us humble instead.

Results Focused

You can count on our Focus being honed in and laser like. This allows for consistent results of a high-caliber.

Service Oriented

You are the boss, that is kind of how it goes. We chose this route in our life to avoid the employee 9-5, so we could break free from the hustle-bustle of the rat race. This allows you to temporarily step in as our boss and tell us what to do!

Transparent and Honest

There are way too many scammers out there these days. We are actively engaging in consulting to help save business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals from various pitfalls and disasters.