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Grow Your Company With Various Justin Mayer Group Inc. Companies...

Improve your bottom line with Justin Mayer Group Inc.

You can find us operating in the following industries:

• Consulting
• Marketing
• Graphic Design
• Website Design
• Web Domains & Hosting
• Music Licensing
• Newspaper Distribution
• Management
• Property Investment and Improvement (On-Hold)
• Technology(On-Hold)
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Mayer Digital Agency

Helping business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals increase their sales, get more customers and improve their brand credibility.

You can win right now with Mayer Digital Agencies proprietary methods and exclusive marketing strategies and creative solutions.
Here are some ways you can take advantage and start skyrocketing your sales!

•Mayer's Money Back Guarantee™
•Mayer's If You Ain't Happy You Don't Have To Pay™
•Mayer's Easy No Credit Check Financing™
•Mayer's Methods™
•Mayer's Strategy Score and Rank™
•Mayer's Master Marketing Management™
•Expert Cheat-Sheet™
•Expert Cheat-Sheet Pro™
•Personalized FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session
•FREE 67 Page Report titled "11 Critical Strategies You Need To Implement Right Now Or Else Your Business Doesn't Stand A Chance!"
•FREE 28 Page Consumer Awareness Guide For Hiring A Qualified Agency
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True Mint Blueprints

Get Graphic Design with a clear message

you can decrease your workload while often being able to charge more for your product or service with True Mint Blueprints graphic design services

Using our No Credit Check Financing you can offset the large upfront expense and simplify your life with 12 easy payments.
You can rest assured knowing our exclusive design process will provide consistent results that are guaranteed to get you results
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Victoria Website Design

Boost your organic traffic with Victoria Website Design

Get more customers and increase your conversions when we analyze your website with a human person
Making user-friendly, highly-converting and SEO-powerful Website you can get a FREE 30 Minute Consultation
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Wingman Hosting

Get A Domain For $0.00 When You Switch To Wingman Hosting...

with Unlimited Bandwidth Plans starting at $4.97 CAD /MONTH

• 24/7 Support
• 99.9% Uptime
• SSL Certificates
• 1 Touch Installs
• Fast As A Rocket
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Efficient Music

Save yourself money, time and hassle while getting fully cleared and royalty FREE music

with a membership at Efficient Music

Get a FREE Trial today and download instrumentals and songs for free
Streamlining music licensing you can get affordable high-quality music for your youtube videos, independent films and more

If you are a composer or producer you can send us some songs and instrumentals for consideration in our catalog.
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Consulting Buddy

Consulting Buddy is coming soon...

Get an early adopters discount AND first access to Consulting Buddy, e-learning courses and "The Quickening", all which will help significantly increase your knowledge and expedite your learning curve...

More than information input these courses and "The Quickening" tap into the soul and spirit of entrepreneurship and business ownership...

From the psychology to the human spirit and evolution of the human, to the breaking of dysfunctional chains, this quickening is more than textbooks and chalkboards...
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JMG Distro

Get friendly, fast and fun distribution

with JMG Distro newspaper services.

Handling distribution for multiple Newspapers in Victoria, BC you can get bulk drops and single deliveries with a seamless process
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Go Between Solutions

Get a glimpse into the future

with Go Between Solutions's technology solutions

a dream company, you will be able to secure your whole company or person, including all your interactions and files, with no worry of hackers, in a LAN
The "Liquid Network™" will give you instant access to a faster and safer network free from scammers and hackers.

Go Between Solutions is in research and development with no active products or services and is officially on-hold. You can however receive some free information if you sign up on the GBS homepage into Go Between Solutions present and future plans and its bold vision of the future.
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Just Class Property Investment and Improvements

Get upgraded and improved condominiums in the city of Victoria

with the purchase of a Just Class renovated elegance unit
designed to be affordable luxury, you will find units that are efficiently smart and functionally thought out.
Catering to the low-mid end of the market these units aim to get you into a dream like condo.
You will also be able to find rental units in the future as Just Class grows to handle the capacity.
This company is in research and planning stages and doesn't currently have any condominiums for sale or rent. We had hoped to come to market in 2019 but have hit some road-blocks and it has now been pushed back 1-3 years.
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  • Grow Your Company With Various Justin Mayer Group Inc. Companies...
  • Mayer Digital Agency
  • True Mint Blueprints
  • Victoria Website Design
  • Wingman Hosting
  • Efficient Music
  • Consulting Buddy
  • JMG Distro
  • Go Between Solutions
  • Just Class Property Investment and Improvements

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Logo's for all Justin Mayer Group Inc. companies
  • Becoming A Shareholder
    We are a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation. We are restricted in the Shareholders we can have. Our company is not a registered securities seller. There are certain parameters and restrictions on the Shareholders we are legally allowed to have. We are actively seeking the right shareholders who share our vision and passion. You can learn more by clicking the button

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  • Corporate Team
    Justin Mayer Group Inc. is currently a one man operation in the Corporate Team. The Founder and Head of Hustle "Justin Mayer" is currently the only Director.

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  • Guiding Principles

    Righteousness Be righteous, create righteous. Act with honour and stand for something. Act lawfully and with pride yet don't be afraid to break the rules. Create things similarly.

    Client/Customer Oriented Ensure every situation regards the client and customer as important and special. Always listen and sympathize, treat them with respect with no judgment. Always do your best to ensure every situation ends as positively as possible. Keep people happy and satisfied.

    Understanding Of rules, of others, of situations, of affairs current and relative and skills and knowledge relative to your career and life. Understand others first, have them understand you second. Sympathize with others without being fake. Understand the rules and take pride in them.

    Outside The Box Every idea is a good idea, or rather, no idea is a bad idea. Create and inspire a philosophy of inclusion and acceptance, motivate others to stand out and never be afraid to make suggestions or improvements. Never get stuck inside a box. Work yourself free of mental blocks and ruts. Never be afraid to say something stupid otherwise you'll never say anything smart.

    Knowledge Always be hungry for knowledge. Always want to know more. Be rich in knowledge and find the luxuries therefrom. Do things from a position of knowledge.

    Balance Without balance life and work become a perilous edge. Spend too much time on a precarious edge and the chances you fall over increase. Goals are achieved in the long run through consistent effort and adherence. There are no good shortcuts. From books to health to life and work, without balance roadblocks occur causing unneeded setbacks and problems. Create an atmosphere of always striving for equilibrium. Balance.

    Freedom With few exceptions or restrictions, Freedom of thought, of speech, of rights to privacy and human. Freedom to be secure and safe, to not be harassed or harmed. Freedom of choice.

    Health Create a healthy environment and lead a healthy life, of mind and body. Be mindful of the long-term and consistent efficiency and results and be sure to maintain the health to fulfill it.

    Environment Be mindful of the environment. Strive for cleanliness and sustainable practices. Be understanding of your carbon footprint and think green at all times.

    Change Don't be afraid of change, embrace it. Seek ways to change and try and see change coming. Get ahead of change. Understand that change is a normal occurrence and ultimately inevitable and to be prepared for change. Don't run from it, tackle it head on.

    Respect To be respected one must show respect. Be respectful. Treat others as they would like to be treated. Respect the few rules that are in place which allows for the freedoms we have. Don't demean, inspire.

    Humility Lose Graciously and Win humbly.

    Courage Be strong. Don't be afraid to lose. Don't be afraid to try things. Don't be afraid to get rejected. Don't be afraid to ask. Don't be afraid to listen. Be fearless, conquer your fears.

    Inspire Create an atmosphere of healthy competition through positive inspiration and involvement. Inspire through actions or positive words. Be a leader.

    Positiveness People do better when they are motivated through positive reinforcement. Lift people up. Don't be fake, be factual and honest however strive to find the positiveness in every situation.

    Ownership Own your mistakes. Own your errors. Own yourself. Own your decisions. Own your choices. Stand up and take ownership.

    Results Focus more on achieving results and less on the path to get there. Be mindful while chasing results the rest of the guiding principles. Let results drive growth, let results drive success, let results be your determining factor.

    Fluidity Be like Water. Be malleable. Be formless. Be adaptive.

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  • Mission Statement
    "to diversify risk, to better organize and manage business and people and to improve human life and the Planet Earth through higher elevated words, ideas and actions."

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  • Vision Statement
    "to be a global leader in providing excellent solutions, sustainable products and services, in various sectors, while focusing on elevating the species and Earth through advanced and higher learning, teaching, implementing and doing."

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  • BHAG
    We keep this vaulted in our safety deposit box and therefore can't share our Big Hairy Audacious Goal at this moment.

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Victoria Office, BC, Canada

550 - 2950 Douglas St. V8T 4N4


4 guiding principles

  • Justin Mayer Group Inc. just secured the domains ConsultingBuddy.com and ConsultingBuddy.ca...

    This is for a new venture we are working on. Please stay tuned for more information... Thank-you
    Justin Mayer Group Inc. has founded 100 Heroes Victoria, a non-profit organization that meets four times per year and each member donates $100 to a charity that gets selected that evening. Memberships are FREE and there is no risk. Learn more here > 100 Heroes Victoria
    Justin Mayer Group Inc. recently brought to market a boot strapped digital agency. This is a consulting and marketing agency that is helping business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals increase their sales, get more customers and improve their brand credibility. Check out more at Mayer Digital Agency
    Justin Mayer Group Inc. recently changed its name from Sage Hedge Inc. This was done in August of 2019. The share classes and the name were changed. Everything else stayed the same.
  • Here is a great article on ##How To Use The Customer Buying Cycle To Get More Customers.... Learn how at https://mayerdigitalagency.com/blog/how-to-use-the-customer-buying-cycle-to-get-more-customers
    Here is a great article on marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check it out >>> How To Do Marketing During The COVID-19
    Check out this great article on Brand Awareness >> Brand Awareness Marketing - Is Brand Awareness A Sham?
    Here is the link to a good article on Marketing. Check it out here > 5 Powerful Marketing Principles Article
  • Trademark notice Justin Mayer Group Inc. and the Justin Mayer Group logos and slogans are trademarks of Justin Mayer Group Inc. and its affiliated companies. Fair use guidelines Justin Mayer Group Inc. takes great care in the development and protection of its trademarks and reserves all rights of ownership of its trademarks. "Fair use" of Justin Mayer Group Inc. trademarks, that is, use by a third party without express permission or license, is limited to text-only references to Justin Mayer Group Inc. trademarks such as product and service names, and excludes Justin Mayer Group Inc. logos. In such references, you must be truthful, must not disparage Justin Mayer Group Inc., and must not mislead the public. You must be clear and accurate as to the nature of the relationship between Justin Mayer Group Inc. and your company, its products, and its services. You may not use Justin Mayer Group Inc. trademarks in a manner which could cause confusion as to Justin Mayer Group Inc. sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement. Except as stated above, Justin Mayer Group Inc. trademarks may not be used by third parties without express permission. To obtain permission, please contact us. General usage Proper use of Justin Mayer Group Inc. trademarks reinforces their role as brands for our products and services, and helps prevent them from becoming generic names that can be used by anyone. Examples of former trademarks that became generic terms are "aspirin", "cellophane", and "escalator". By adhering to the following rules, you help protect Justin Mayer Group Inc. investment in its trademarks: • When a Justin Mayer Group Inc. product is mentioned in communications, ownership by Justin Mayer Group Inc. must be attributed in a footnote either on the page/screen where the Justin Mayer Group Inc. trademark is used, or in the legal section of the communication or site in which it is referenced. For example, MAYER DIGITAL AGENCY is a trademark of Justin Mayer Group Inc. or its affiliates. • The first reference in text to all Justin Mayer Group Inc. product names should be preceded by Justin Mayer Group Inc. and followed by the proper trademark symbol, • The proper symbol for registered product names is ®. Don’t use the registration symbol (®) in connection with marks in countries where our marks have not been registered. Trademark rights vary from country to country • The proper symbol for product names which are the subject of pending applications or are used in accordance with common law trademark principles is ™. • Do not create any new logo for Justin Mayer Group Inc. or Justin Mayer Group Inc. product names. • Do not incorporate any Justin Mayer Group Inc. product names into your company's product names. • Do not incorporate any Justin Mayer Group Inc. names into any internet root domains or subdomains owned by your company. • Do not use the Justin Mayer Group Inc. taglines. • Do not connect your company name with Justin Mayer Group Inc. product names. • Alterations of the approved Justin Mayer Group Inc. trademark are not allowed, for example: • Do not change the form or representation of the product name, including misspelling, capitalization or punctuation. • Do not abbreviate or incorrectly capitalize Justin Mayer Group Inc. trademarks. For example, "Justin Mayer Group Inc." not "TR". • Do not use the Justin Mayer Group Inc. trademark name for a product or service as a noun or verb, in the possessive form (for example, Justin Mayer Group Inc.’ or Justin Mayer Group Inc. Checkpoint’s) or in the plural form unless the trademark itself appears in that form. Domain Names Do not use Justin Mayer Group Inc. trademarks or affiliate trademarks or potentially confusing variations in your internet domain name. This helps prevent internet users from being confused as to whether you or Justin Mayer Group Inc. is the source of the Web site. Open Source Software Most open source licenses do not grant, and many exclude, a license of trademark rights. Do not assume you can use the name of a source code base in the name of your distribution developed from that code base. Without a license or permission, you may not incorporate Justin Mayer Group Inc. trademarks in the name of your distribution or other products that incorporate open source elements. Truthful statements incorporating a trademark are generally allowed (for example, in the format "MyImplementation, derived from Trademarked ProductName"), but you should check the terms of the license for the original source code or any posted trademark guidelines for the project. Logos For more information regarding use of Justin Mayer Group Inc. logos, please info@justinmayergroup.com or 1-800-906-9387. List of trademarks Below is a current listing of trademarks owned by Justin Mayer Group Inc. in CANADA, other countries Globally and throughout the Universe. Please note that laws concerning use and marking of trademarks or product names vary by country. Always consult a local attorney for additional guidance. To the extent a name or logo does not appear on the list does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that Justin Mayer Group Inc. or its affiliates has established in any of its trademarks and logos. Last updated: November 2019. JUSTIN MAYER GROUP INC.™ A SMART WAY TO THINK™ JUSTIN MAYER GROUP INC. COMBINATION MARK LOGO™ JUSTINMAYERGROUP.COM™ SAGE HEDGE™ MANAGEMENT MADE EASY™ SAGE HEDGE LETTERMARK LOGO™ SAGE HEDGE COMBINATION MARK™ SAGEHEDGE.COM™ TRUE MINT BLUEPRINTS™ PROVIDING A BLUEPRINT FOR YOUR SUCCESS™ TRUE MINT BLUEPRINTS WORDMARK LOGO™ TRUE MINT BLUEPRINTS EMBLEM LOGO™ TRUE MINT BLUEPRINTS LETTERMARK LOGO™ TRUE MINT BLUEPRINTS COMBINATION MARK LOGO™ TRUEMINTBLUEPRINTS.COM™ JUST CLASS PROPERTIES™ INVESTMENT AND IMPROVEMENT - AN ELEGANCE OF STYLE™ JUST CLASS WORDMARK LOGO™ JUST CLASS COMBINATION MARK™ JUSTCLASS.COM™ EFFICIENT MUSIC™ STREAMLINING MUSIC LICENSING™ EFFICIENT MUSIC LETTERMARK LOGO™ EFFICIENT MUSIC COMBINATION MARK™ EFFICIENTMUSIC.COM™ GO BETWEEN SOLUTIONS™ BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN THE PRESENT AND FUTURE™ GO BETWEEN SOLUTIONS WORDMARK LOGO™ GO BETWEEN SOLUTIONS EMBLEM LOGO™ GO BETWEEN SOLTIONS COMBINATION MARK LOGO™ GO BETWEEN SOLUTIONS LETTERMARK LOGO™ GOBETWEENSOLUTIONS.COM™ WET WEST AUDIO™ MAKE A SPLASH™ WET WEST AUDIO LETTERMARK LOGO™ WET WEST AUDIO COMBINATION MARK LOGO™ WETWEST.CA™ RICH ENGIMA™ RICH ENIGMA COMBINATION MARK LOGO™ RICHENIGMA.COM™ DIX PRODUCTIONS™ DIX PRODUCTIONS COMBINATION MARK LOGO™ MANHATTAN CACHE™ MANHATTAN CACHE COMBINATION MARK LOGO™ MAYER DIGITAL AGENCY™ THEIR SALES, GET MORE CUSTOMERS AND IMPROVE THEIR BRAND CREDIBILITY.™ MAYER DIGITAL AGENCY COMBINATION MARK LOGO™ MAYER STRATEGY SCORE AND RANK™ MAYERS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE™ MAYERS IF YOU AINT HAPPY YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY™ MAYERS EASY NO CREDIT CHECK FINANCING™ EXPERT CHEAT-SHEET™ EXPERT CHEAT-SHEET PRO™ EXPERT CHEAT-SHEET PLATINUM PRO™ MAYERS MASTER MARKETING MANAGEMENT™ MAYERDIGITALAGENCY.COM™ VICTORIA WEBSITE DESIGN™ CREATING USER-FRIENDLY, HIGHLY-CONVERTNIG AND SEO POWERFUL WEBSITES™ HELPING BUSINESS OWNERS, ENTREPRENEURS AND PROFESSIONALS INCREASE THEIR SALES, GET MORE CUSTOMERS AND IMPROVE THEIR BRAND CREDIBILITY™ VICTORIA WEBSITE DESIGN COMBINATION MARK LOGO™ VICTORIAWEBSITEDESIGN.COM™ THE FINESSE HOOKING TECHNIQUE™ CONSULTING BUDDY™ CONSULTINGBUDDY.COM™ CONSULTINGBUDDY.CA™ CONSULTING BUDDY LOGO™ FRIENDLY ADVICE, ANYTIME YOU NEED™
    Here is an important notice on trademarks which are claimed by Justin Mayer Group Inc. Trademark Notice
Originally founded in January 2017 as Sage Hedge Inc. the name was recently changed in August 2019
About Justin Mayer Group Inc.
A holding company which operates various trade names as companies
Designed for the future, this small conglomerate was theorized to scale and built with a hundred year plan
Currently undermanned and underfunded, Justin Mayer Group Inc. is always building through consistent and steady growth